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'Amor Churros' is promoted by an Expert baker - Sneha and core foodie Prasad. Both travelled to over 25+ countries, understood the concept and trend internationally and how India market would soon catch up with the trend. Based on their study, Amor Churros was born.

Smart Success Mantra #3

We have curated the menu very uniquely so that with minimum raw materials we serve maximum variations and thus making the franchise model as a lucrative business with less risk, less headache and less capital.

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Amor Churros was launched after a long and through R&D of just not creating a unique product but also for, creating a business model with minimum investment, less competition and better profits quickly.

Top USP of our franchise model:

  • Dessert concept in café style i.e. smaller, quick service and unique combination of café culture
  • Super Easy set-up with High ROI (return on investment) and minimum investment
  • The flavor matches to all taste buds and is 7*365 days hot business

"We love serving our customers with happiness, offering them best quality self-made with unique style - Sneha, Co-Founder"

To carry our passion forward and win over the trend coming up next, we welcome individuals with similar passion and wish to make good money to our Amor'able Franchise Model - Amor Churros.

"Our secret lies in our unmatched passion and being smartly one step ahead in today’s competitive world - Prasad, Co-Founder"

Fill-up the details below and we shall email you the presentation of our 'Franchise Business Opportunity':

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churros near me

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